free falling

September 6, 2011
By randommusiccats BRONZE, San Francisco, California
randommusiccats BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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It would really hurt if we all fell
One by one
Into something forgotten
Would you cry?
Or would you smile?
But in the end we will fall
One by one
Until the last one standing
Has walked away
And we’ll watch the shadows
Of our mistakes
Our doubts
Until the misery is washed away
But how will it go on
The days will melt
As well we
The ones we fight for
Are gone and forgotten
Is the sadness to much to bear?
And our lives will be gone
As we gave it up for the happiness
The happiness we thought was for us
But they were the lies we wished so much for
When you cry remember
The sins you let yourself fall into
The memories will never fade
Never let it go for this is
Your payment for what you have done
Its is our fault, only our fault
And we will refuse to let it go on
That is what we say, what we repeat
But in the end they are all lies
For lies are the only things were able to keep

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