Forget I Ever Remembered

September 10, 2011
By LianaSaleh SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
LianaSaleh SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
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I’m counting down seconds
Between the trembles in your fingertips
And your counting the tears
That can’t help but betray
My fears

My coffee is cooling
While I wait
Isn’t that the story of our lives?
I wish that just once
It would burn me

Just think of me
Don’t forget me on your marble countertop
Alongside your keys
And your singing cell phone going unanswered
As always

I’m tired of hiding
In your back pocket
With lint and your sweaty palms
As you talk to the girl
I’ve always hated

Forget about the glint in my eyes
When I saw you for the first time
With lips curved like a rosy crescent moon
Because that glint has changed
To an angry fire

Fragments of a dying sunset
Reach into my smoldering heart
Trying to ignite the sparks
That whisper sadly
In a living dark

My ears are ringing
From a song played too loud
Isn’t that what I wanted
When I turned the volume
All the way up?

Time is my greatest enemy
It cools the heat
That won’t let me feel
It’s passion
On my pale, expectant skin

Dream of me
As the sidewalk swallows me up
And my feet trace the cracks
That will never bring me back
To waiting

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