Two Halves

September 13, 2011
By goo1997 BRONZE, Smithdale, Mississippi
goo1997 BRONZE, Smithdale, Mississippi
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who said one was such a lonely number?
who said one was not any fun?
whoever said that…
never went a second being only one half
being only half you never feel complete
until you find the other missing piece
the person that is different from you in many ways
the person we all search for every day
but we never really find…
unless of course you happen to be you and I
though we are different in many ways
we make each other feel complete
two half souls that were never meant to meet
one day crossed paths
and an inseparable bond was born
two half souls that were never meant to meet
managed to form a whole
stumbling through life we halves were lost and alone
until we stumbled into each other
and I have not stumbled since I fell into your arms
Gabrielle Martin, Grade 8
Franklin Jr High School

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