when I'm without you

September 11, 2011
By FloofyRabbit. BRONZE, Southplainfield, New Jersey
FloofyRabbit. BRONZE, Southplainfield, New Jersey
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it's amazing how dull life can be 
when the night's black turns grey
because the old hue was way too much work
or when the now pale sun forgets to rise after it learned all it has ever worked for has prematurely quit or when yellow green grass is drenched with the unwanted tears of clouds that can't be seen because they don't wanna face the world or when the faded mountains crumble as their truths, their faulty foundations, are devestated by gushing rivers that leave wetlands murky with the stillness of damp air that just won't quit.

it's amazing how dull the world can be when I'm without you.
because when I'm without you
life just falls apart.

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