September 14, 2011
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Silence says more than words.
It is a way for people to express their emotions.
It is a way for people to communicate.
To some,
Staying silent is harder than Swimming up a waterfall.
To others,
Staying silent comes natrually,
Just like breathing.
And to a few,
Staying silent is not an option.
Breaking the silence is the hardest thing for most to do.
Some don't want to expose too much,
Others don't want to expose too little.
There is no going back,
Once you have spoken.
You can't go back to pretending.
You can't go back to hoping and praying.
You can't go back to being invisible.
Once you speak up,
You are exposed to everyone.
Everyone will have an idea about you,
Whether it's right or wrong.
People will see you differently,
For the good and the bad.
People will talk about you,
Kindly and badly,
With sympathy and horror.
But the saddest thing
Is that you will see yourself differently.
You will either see yourself as Weak and dependent,
Stupid and careless,
Selfish and disloyal,
Or strong and stubborn,
Brave and outgoing,
Proud and goodhearted.
You might feel a combination of everything.
All this,
Because you opened your mouth.
Some will regret it.
Others had no choice.
Some will think it's the best thing they ever did in their lives.
I however,
Feel mixed emotions.
I know I did the right thing.
I know I did it for the better.
But sometimes,
I still wish,
I would have stayed silent.

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Lizette said...
Sept. 19, 2011 at 8:13 pm

i totally get this.  nice job.  i always wished i could have put into words what u just did.  Great job!


Allie99 said...
Sept. 18, 2011 at 5:28 pm
I know how you feel.  Excellent poem!
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