Our Reflection

September 2, 2011
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The water reflects our image
And winks with a shimmer of the sun
Oh it’s beauty and mystery
How I wish to know what’s beneath your surface
It’s this curiosity that bridges the gap
Which connects hope with fear and doubt
However, its presence clings to you
Gripping your thoughts and desires
Leaving you to hold your breath
And embrace the impulsion

Water ripples around as your foot dives in
It’s touch healing and invigorating
The moment takes all thoughts away
Gouging into the water below
Every step more alluring
Every step more divine
Then in the moment of bliss
It is gone
All water scurried and dried
Leaving only the vast remains of earth
As if a mold of what once was

The water reflects our image
And winks with the shimmer of the sun
Oh how it hurts
To see that the beauty has dried and gone

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loosingme said...
Sept. 17, 2011 at 6:26 pm
really nice poem.
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