Lost & Found

September 13, 2011
By Lzrdo BRONZE, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Lzrdo BRONZE, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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Lost in the words & found in the sound.
To escape this prison that is deep and profound…
I don’t get what has happened.
I don’t see what has changed.
All I know is you’re not the same.
I miss how things were and I hate how they will be.
Gone into the wind it will be.
Erick I am &
You shall be nothing but pain and a distant memory
A memory I shall treasure
With much pleasure
You were nice to me
But I’m scared
Scared to run, jump, scream or whisper
Scared of pain
Scared you’ll break through and take what’s mine
Take what I had and be gone
The past pays a toll on the future
& the future can only be taught of
Here I am looking back at the ones who stood strong
The ones who fought, the soldiers who remained
The people who I hold dear
The ones I hold near
They are gone into the dust
I quit and give up
Let down my arms and my shield
Throw in the towel
Lost in the dark & found in the light
The gate that closes and shows passage to me
The light that breaks in and is deep
The dark that swallows hole
The side of me that nobody knows
I am me
& you are you
I can be your destiny
But I don’t know how to open
How to forget
How to change the fact I’m weak and can’t defend
Defend against what has happen
Afraid to see the outcome of something that should have never happened
Lost But You Found Me…

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