Neon Lights

September 1, 2011
By 12mscaledonias BRONZE, Tokyo, Other
12mscaledonias BRONZE, Tokyo, Other
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We are all painted with neon lights and there is Chemical Punk Pink and Lust for Dough Green
and Sour Gummy Worm Blue and Neon, NEON, NEON! and also I feel like shouting,
bursts of energy pumping through my veins, with each beat, each blast to the ear drums,
BAM BAM BAM, the sensation is intoxicating and where are my feet, my hands, because
I can’t feel them and I don’t care and something tickles my nose, runs up through to
my head and I feel like skydiving off of a skyscraper, into the night, the light of the
city, where I’ll curl up and tumble into the sea of dazzling luminescence and
then a stumble and a glimpse, lights flashing, blinding, figures huddled,
jolting up and down, like some kind of cult and
and now I look at him and he looks at me and
do I know him, I’m not sure but he is so nice
and he is so cool and I feel I’ve known him
forever and wow his touch is electrifying
it’s here and there and we are dancing
the lights gleaming and ground
shaking and the constant
and then a cool rush of air
and I’m falling backwards
into something soft,
hopefully a
and oh yes I
love marshmallows
but oh it’s a bed
and is this
what I want,
I don’t care
but wait
but he
wait and
it’s light
and still
and empty
and hot

where am I.

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