August 31, 2011
By janajulia SILVER, Coquitlam, Other
janajulia SILVER, Coquitlam, Other
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"Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing.

The monsters they deceive me

Leaving stone prints on my wall

Telling me stories about the nights when we thought we knew it all.

Now we sit here forgetting memories

Left to rot here, such a neglectful tyranny

While the masters of our town bleed empty faces in the wasteland

Of course. There’s nothing left to linger.

What does it mean to be “found” in a world like this?

The preachers and scholars live to exhale truthful lies.

As the fragments of our souls dismantle compromise. There’s no other way.

When will a real metaphor break through this decrepit storm

And bring to a new life, another day

The ghosts of every memory still haunt wakefully my every eye

I can lie here only pretending, my emotions left so unknowingly disguised

Abandoning the trails where we lay there so in love. Irrational and perennially confused. Lost in moments difficult to deter from lust.

…Our mournful friends wander hallways speaking incantations of mistrust

And now I deceive, yet still never escaping these meaningless blurs of dust

Obviously I have yet to be found.

And as the beats of wishful mourning

Plague through these lullabies

Sleep there in the dying forest, you’ll still be found in my last mind’s eye

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