The Lonely

September 7, 2011
Even with all of these people surrounding me,
The only thing I can see or feel are these four walls.
The emptiness of this room and of my heart silences everyone’s voice.
These walls used to be decorated with all sorts of pictures. You were written all over them.
Now, while you hold her in your arms, the loneliness holds me.
The tears come and go but the lonely always stays with me.
It stays with me while I laugh, sleep, dream. It stays with me always.
I wish I could say you stood by my side like the loneliness does.
If you hadn’t held my hands with such a gentle grip, the loneliness might be singing someone else to sleep tonight.
With her in your heart, my hands fall asleep with emptiness in between their fingers.
Holding my hands together, I hear your soft voice telling me you’ll always be there with me.
Alone at night, I whisper to the loneliness – my new friend, tells me I should let you go.
Wiping the tears away from my face, the loneliness still finds its way in between my fingers.

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