Who Could You Have Been?

September 8, 2011
One day your fine
Nothing is wrong in the world
You go to tha doctor
And you find out your going to have a child
Your emotions run wild
Your hear even skips a beat
Happy and sad
Your faced with a choice
Keep it or lose it
You choose to lose it
But as your appointment comes
You think
What wuld he/her would have looked like
Who would they be
You start think if your doing the right thing
But then you realize your only 16
Just still figuring out the world
Names come to mind for the little one
But you stop yourself before you change your mind
You enter that room going in as two
But only coming out as one
The questions still haunt you night and day
Who would have him/her been
What would have been your name
What would you have looked like
I wish I would have been able to see for myself
I love you my mystery

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