Rantings of a Lonely Spirit

September 10, 2011
By Jade_Nite PLATINUM, Arnold, Missouri
Jade_Nite PLATINUM, Arnold, Missouri
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I know there are alot of fish in the sea but the sea is polluted!

I walk among the shadows
but they are not my friends
I walk my path alone in the shadows
for they are my beginning, my destiny, as well as my end

they walk together in the moonlight
they are all close friends
they walk their intertwined paths in the moonlight
for they are each-others beginnings, destinies, as well as their ends.

my path is alongside theirs but in the shadows
from it I watch their moonlit dance knowing i can never join in for i am not like them
we all laugh, cry, live and die, but no as them i am not the same

The author's comments:
this is pretty much how i feel at my school, even among my friends. I am the lonely shadow.

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