Spiraling Down

August 31, 2011
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Spiraling down
Immorality litters our streets
Fills our newspapers
Permeates our churches
The founding fathers didn’t intend this
The keen patriots didn’t fight for this
The desp’rate Pilgrims didn’t come for this
Spiraling down
What is left to call the land of the brave?
It’s the land of the free
Free to lie
Why don’t we wake up and fight brave?
It’s the land of the free
Free to fight
Spiraling down
Immorality murders our children
Knifes our marriages
Stabs those who raised us
We weren’t meant to be a great empire
Burning in our meaninglessness like fire
We weren’t meant to be pigs in our mire
Spiraling down
Rise up, Americans, and fight for something again

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