Pieces of My Heart

August 31, 2011
By Alegra BRONZE, Nairobi, Other
Alegra BRONZE, Nairobi, Other
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If you can trust yourself when others are doubting you but give an allowance for their doubt then you will be worthy and most of all you will be a lady, my daughter. (original was a man,my son) Rudyard Kipling

Is it that I am that easy to forget?
Was i just an adventure? or was i just someone you would use then throw away? I thought i was the one person you would never consider hurting.I believed in you so much that i failed to see the reality of what was happening. Blinded by love, disgraced by the one you love what is worse in love than that? I do not blame you at all, i blame me for i wear my heart on my sleeve. It was me who fell in love and whose heart is now broken. It is me that lived in my created fantasy. It was my fault wasn't it? I still wonder how come you are such a great actor yet i don't see you on television or getting an Oscar. How could you just play around with me then just leave me high and dry. How come you were so sweet then one day you just leave me. How come you have the decency to call me and tell me you wish you could do something for me. I have an answer. Compensate me for all the years of my life you have ruined. Compensate me for all the years of my youth i have lost. Compensate me for loving you so deeply. Compensate me! Why so quiet. Is it that you don't feel the pieces of my heart crumbling into smaller pieces, vanishing into the dark and cold part of my soul. All is fair in love and war. All is fair.

The author's comments:
Love inspired me because it is so mysteriours. One day, it is on yourr side the next day it is yourr enemy. I want to tell someone our there that even if your feel like there is no hope for tomorrow, there is just believe. Your can't be compensated for the years of yourr yourth or for for the years of love your gave someone. Your can just make it better by moving on with yourr life and living your life to the fullest( but in a good way)

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