Jaded baby.

September 7, 2011
By Anonymous

She could never make you proud.
Tried so hard ever day she pushed herself farther,
Do you know where she is tonight?
Maybe if daddy loved her,
She wouldn't fall for such a man.

You end up with another cliche,
The little girl fell,
Watched daddy push mommy,
The teachers ignored her comments,
Just a little kid, what could she know,
Well she DID know.

The boys in high school with words so cruel,
Closed minds,
The men who do their best to look innocent,
She knows,

I KNOW who that little girl is,
I see what she wants so bad,
Hidden herself so well that God himself doesn't know her,
Daddy hear me!

But it's too late, too late to fix him,
Time running out for her,
Save her,
Love her,
Tried to make you proud daddy,
She's cold and alone,
Hold her until it all leaves,
Tell her it's okay,
To be scared,

Tell ME,
It's okay to be selfish for once,
That those men,
Don't deserve anything from me,
That I'm fine this way,
Not a thing to change,

MOMMY smile!
Don't cry mommy,
Hold me,
Watch me grow up,
Because you've missed so much,
Don't go back mommy,
To that cold scary place,
That hospital,
Leave him,
We can make it mommy,
We can fix this,
Already fifteen,
But I still need someone to love me.

HE didn't,
HE hurt me,
Left me,
Wouldn't keep me,
I'm just his faded memory,
Already lost in time.

So yeah, that little girl, she's almost grown,
But she still wants her mommy to smile and laugh,
Wants her daddy to understand what she feels,
Wants that man to come back again,
Lie to her,
Love her,
hold her.

But she's all alone, waiting,
Every-one's baby,
Every-one's toy,
She's every-one's forgotten,
Daddy, mommy, listen to her,
It's your baby,
Who will listen,
Hurry though, she's fading fast,
Forever she'll be the worlds jaded baby.

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