September 7, 2011
By hezza GOLD, Sabattus, Maine
hezza GOLD, Sabattus, Maine
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I was eleven

pulling individual strings

of hair from my head

what a balding sight to see.

and I don't know why

i still do.

i was thirteen

socially awkward, as

if my own family

had become strangers, too

i don't know why,

i still am.

i was fifteen.

the back of the class,

squinting, and it made a scene.

I don't know why

i still do.

i am seventeen (almost not)

still carrying these old habits

trailing along my shadow,

i don't know why

i let them.

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on Sep. 13 2011 at 8:45 pm


Not all of us are social butterflies, and it can be hard. 

I like it. The structure and tone are something haunting, but not like spooky ghost kind of way, but echoey. 

Sort of like your past catches up to you, and in the end you realized that it was there all along, and it sucks, because you have no idea how to get away from it. 

Just remember that there will is always someone out there that is willing to help you, and you might not feel that way, but it's true. You aren't alone in your thoughts. 

Everything in your life happens not because of other people, but because we make mistakes, and if that's what it takes to make us be happy, then so be it. 

Your past is your past, and no one should judge you for it, but the first person that needs to be comfortable with it is yourself. 

Much peace and love to you.

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