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September 4, 2011
By amc7wd SILVER, Topeka, Kansas
amc7wd SILVER, Topeka, Kansas
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I told you today
The words that took me so long
to actually say
i feel so strong
and no more powerless
i'm gonna write you off
there's no more i can do
despite it all i still love you
it's just you never learn
and no matter how much i yearn
for you to understand
and how much time you demand
i can't sit here and help someone
who doesn't want to be fixed
just know this is as hard for me
as it may eventually be for you
you'll always be my brother
we'll always have the same mother
but in the end you are who you want to be
and i can't stand to see
who you want to become
so therefore i'm done

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