What it's like

August 30, 2011
By Anonymous

Do you know what its like

[To be expected to be who you aren't?
To want to meet expectations and yet
want to throw it all away for the sheer thrill?
How it feels to be oh so far from perfect.
To know exactly what perfect pain is?
Life spells out all your imperfections.
While others can mask their pain.
You can't find an escape.
Do you know what its like to be thrown away.
Used and abused, emotionally worn out.
Ignored disregarded as not good enough.
Judged for taking a stand. Ridiculed for being you.
And slowly all you know fades away.
Secrets are formed. Tears are spilled.
Changes come while your not watching
They knock you off your natural high.
And suddenly you find yourself alone in a room waiting to be loved again.
Wanting to remember when you were ever good enough as yourself.
Was life always like this?
Were you blinded and naive before?
And now you've been infected with a disease.
Carrying sorrow, hate and despair.
No medicine can cure the hurt
you feel at night as you cry yourself to sleep.
Wondering what it was you did to deserve this.
Feeling upset and wanting to start over.
That feeling like you have no one to run to anymore.
I'm asking you. Do you know what its like]

to be me?

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