Sister of My Heart

August 29, 2011
By CrystalfromAMS SILVER, Noblesville, Indiana
CrystalfromAMS SILVER, Noblesville, Indiana
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Dear sister of my heart,
It is to you I do depart
All my deepest dreams and wishes
And my closely kept ambitions.

My memories of us are fond
Of the thrills that formed our bond.
Our stomachs were in our throats
As we clenched one another's coats.
We were comets, plunging from the sky
On our favorite roller coaster ride.

It makes me smile still
When there we sat by my windowsill
And watched the thunder rage outside
While in each other, our secrets we did confide.

I am warm when I remember
That young morning way back in September
When we woke up and saluted the sun
As it made its way over the horizon.

Can I prove to you with just a few words,
Or with me would you concur
That the corkboard of our lives
Is overflowing with Polaroids?
But snapshots do not tell the full story.
They cannot replace the joys of my memory.
They don't record the smells and the sounds;
Nor do they properly explain those sour frowns.
So instead to our minds must we turn,
To reeducate ourselves, and the whole story learn.

But now that I am back from our album of time,
I say let's continually remember why
As we take more photos and move on once again,
Let's remember why we became the best of friends.

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