September 1, 2011
By Samlu PLATINUM, MPLS, Minnesota
Samlu PLATINUM, MPLS, Minnesota
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stop and think many times
times you wish we redo many things
things that went wrong like a hot summer day suddenly drop like cold winter morning
wish of the many times over,
imagine that the day is over but still lets redo that we did
walking on the park seeing sunset come up
wish for the smiles that brighten up my day
dumbfounded to the soul of my day when i seen you walking out
over, its never ending is it
perfect that one day the the two souls come together again like two magenits
together we can shine like no others
pray for the day i stay at you door like the mailman delivering your mail but its me that im deliverng
hoping for that one star to fall and give me sunshine like the one you give me
so give me the remote so i can go back in time and take the wrongs that i did to you
lets rewind time and be happy like lil kids playing hide and seek
lets rewind to where it was the two of us
you and me just us two in the world
don't you see where we once dance before
under the stars where we first kiss lets go back there
rewind with me
give me back what i desire
the onething that brought me happiness
rewind so i can see those beautiful eyes that give me butterlies everytime i look into it
rewind, over
and over i wish i can rewind
onces happy now sad so lets rewind time so we can be happy
love is forevermore here for you
just go back in time with me just this one time
can you see the clock go back in time

The author's comments:
wrote this one cause i really wish i can go back in time and tell the girl i love for so long that i love her and if we can start over

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