September 1, 2011
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She lay on the swingset,

watching the black sky turn gray at the foreshadow of morning.

The stars above her head

twinkling their farewells

as the sun's light began to drown out their own.

The pasty light turning the world yellow.

She pulled the teddybear closer to her chest,

burying her face in the tattered fabric

that still smelled of his cologne.

She breathed in the sweet smell

and choked back the tears

that the memories always brought her.

Focusing on the little white flowers

growing from the ground beneath where she lay.

Her mind drifted away,

not wanting to acknowledge the pain

as it closed in on her chest:

The hole he left in her heart.

The birds' gentle songs,

the swing's constant moan

as it swayed back and forth,

fell on ears deaf to anything but the sound of her breaking heart.

She closed her eyes,

trying to shut out the brilliant light

of the sun moving higher through the sky.

Her weary mind



Only to be awoken by a drop of rain falling on her cheek.

She sat up,

alert as the thunder rolled in the distance.

The dark fingers of dusk reaching out along the sky,

pulling away the powder blue blanket of the evening.

Lightning flashed above her,

sending her heart and feet racing.

Slamming the door shut behind her,

she looked back at the down pour she left behind.

Relieved by the warmth and safety of her home,

she didn't notice the teddy bear

left to drown on the swing.


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