August 29, 2011
By Anonymous

We're all experts
On subjects that we can see.
Things that don't happen,
Things that do happen
To everyone,
But your own mistakes.

We're so prepared
For everything unexpected
The expected arrives,
We're immediately,

You sit down,
In front of me now
Coffee in hand.
Telling me that,
You don't need him anymore,
Everything seems so bland.

You seem so surprised,
I say with a moderate tone.
Surprisingly able to hold in the anger,
With memories of you,
Telling me that we'd be alone,
Without his lies,
Without his torment
I don't think,
I can believe it.

His sobriety opened your eyes,
Forcing you to see,
That he's not even the same person,
That you've always thought to be.

Now is better than never,
Isn't it?
Your pain reflected so easily onto one person,
The one you said whom was more important
That he would ever be.

You ignored all the flashing lights,
Warning signs
I wish that,
you too
Could have read between the lines.
Then things were different,
You were too young to see.
Just how abusive your future,
Your life,
Your entire world,
could be

The author's comments:
This was inspired from a conversation I had with my mother one afternoon. It was surprising, but pleasant.

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