The Kid who Never Cried

August 28, 2011
By KendallTurner BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
KendallTurner BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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This kid who never cried
Who never had wet eyes
Who never seemed to be down
Always had blue skies
But that same kid who never had a Tear shed
The disaster was inside
And inside the heart bled
His tears weren't clear
They were red
That kid wasn't perfect
Who knew, Who said
That even though that kid who never cried
Would be the one living the biggest lie
With knees on the ground
And hands to the sky
His heart cries out to the Lord why
That kid who never cried
Is the kid who always tries
To deal with his problems without it showing on the outside
So never think that the kid who don't cry is better than the rest of us
Because he doesn't show his emotions like the rest of us when life makes a test of us
So to the kid who never cries
It's better to have wet eyes
Than to drown on the inside
And after hearing this
The kid who never cried finally cried
he gave up the lie
he wiped his tears and died
Now he doesn't need to cry anymore
Since he's in the sky

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