Stand Up for Me

August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

You never stand up for me,
Do you?
The whispers float; light in the air,
They reach my ears,
And become heavy; embedded in my heart.
You are my close friend,
Yet you seem to know all the rumors,
And I wonder.
It hurts so badly,
Hearing what everyone says,
Their lies spread like wildfire,
And I always get burned.
You’re willing to tell me all of them,
Let me know my friends aren’t true,
Just liars who I love,
You’re always willing to be the first,
Telling me their opinions,
None of which are ever good.
You aren’t a log of wood,
No; you’d never add to the fire,
But I’m realizing you aren’t a hose,
You never diminish the hurt for me.
Among them, you whisper,
You beg me to believe that you hate to hear it,
But they keep telling you,
You never speak out,
And you never stand up for me.

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