August 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I never liked to run until it was gone

When I dropped the music stopped
So did my chances

When the 15 seconds go
And I start to hurt
Then I remember

My own scream
Still rings in my ears
My own legs
Fell under me and

For a very long time
Every day I would cry
Could barely move
In my bed all alone
My eyes shut against tears

Everything that I feel
I soon forget is real
No one will hold me
No one I will let
For if you touch me
Then I am weak

For 15 seconds
I am free
My feet touch the ground
Patter down
I reach out and touch the wind
One jump and
I am free

Freedom is fake
It never stays
And when it goes
It leaves a burning trace
I was one there
And now I never
Want another scar

It’s momentary

The author's comments:
Seeing the world from a seated view, what it feels like when you can barely walk.

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