The Many Sides of Liza

August 4, 2011
By CarynP BRONZE, Hurley, New York
CarynP BRONZE, Hurley, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"What other people think of me is none of my business."- RuPaul

A defeated figure on the ground.
Tears of failure fell from her eyes.

Four tenants.
One crowded house.

Empty Liza.
Angry Samantha.
Suicidal Southerner Roxie.
Happy Scottish Todd.

She had no control over who showed up.
How many tears could Liza cry?
How many windows could Samantha break?
How many times could Roxie grab a blade?
How many days would Todd be happy-go-lucky without Liza knowing?
No one would admit another existed.

Liza was “a liar who just wanted attention.”
No one had more than one person controlling their brain.
“Once she gets attention she’ll forget the lies she told.”
Liza wanted that to be true.
Someone else would show up before she could explain.

Samantha had “issues”
If someone called her stupid, they would be kicked.
She didn’t care who got in her way.
They all had to be punished for making fun of her.

Roxie had to be avoided.
One wrong word would set her off.
There once was a noose, ready to be the bed for her neck.
Todd burned it before it was ever used.

Todd was a “lesbian.”
It wasn’t his fault he was stuck in a woman’s body.
He never even realized it until someone turned him down.
She wasn’t into women.

No one understood what was wrong with her.
No one cared enough to ask.
Liza had no idea what to do.
She just wanted them gone.

Four parasites.
One host.

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