August 27, 2011
By KrisOlendo BRONZE, Nairobi, Other
KrisOlendo BRONZE, Nairobi, Other
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Like the moon I will fade away but like the sun I will rise again

Every where I go i see circular holes, like unfinished jig-saw puzzles it waits for the last piece, I'm a piece, a square piece I can't fit in.

I squirm and wiggle trying to squeeze in but I'm a square,
its impossible to fit in,
As walk away,
from the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse, of a perfect circle easily fitting in.

This is the daily routine of my life, trying, squirming, wiggling,
but just not fitting in.Maybe I've got it all wrong.

I look to much at other peoples jig-saw puzzles wanting so much to complete it.

maybe I'm the piece that's meant to start a jig-saw puzzle. No, I'm not a misfit, I am the center of a new jig saw puzzle, but until I accept this and have confidence in myself I always remain a misfit.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the different people we have in the world some rich, some poor, some lonely, some with lots friends, some famous, some unknown, some struggling, some regretting, some in pain...and how we all look at other peoples lives and wish we part of it, or lived like them, we get so obsessed that we forget who we are, we live a whole different life and miss out on the good things in life...maybe if we all focused on our lives and accepted our processes we would be a lot more happier.

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