Black and White

August 26, 2011
By BlackJackCat BRONZE, Allen, Texas
BlackJackCat BRONZE, Allen, Texas
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Black and white pieces scattered across the board,
Black and white kings stare down at their squares.
Black and white keys make an ivory line,
Black and white fingers play green and blue tunes.

A black and white world holds love and deceit,
With black and white morality lighting the path.
As black and white armies battle in sun and moon glow,
Black and white blood is what paints the dry and hard ground.

Two black and white cats sitting on a sunken wood porch,
Make pandemonium with a ball of black and white string.
As a man with faded eyes looks out to the world,
Through dimly glowing orbs of pure black and white.

Black and white choices on the long road of life,
The choices you make define black and white.
But no matter what you choose in the end,
The black and white game remains black and white.

So black and white children beat black and white drums,
And march to the rhythm of black and white beats.
Which matches to the song of black and white guns,
That shoot death and mercy in black and white bangs.

And in the end, the black and white brothers sing,
While listening to music that makes them both sway,
For they have discovered that this black and white world,
Actually includes three colors – black, white, and gray.

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