I remember the Tsunami

August 26, 2011
By Anonymous

The day was clear, the skies were blue
The sea was calm and the sun shone too
The cool air made the palm trees sway
It would have been the perfect day

And then it came, a monster of a wave
Crashing onto shore, no lived could be saved
More than twenty feet high, it ate away
Whatever happened to stand in its way

Crashing onto shore, colossal in size
For one to approach it wouldn't be very wise
About race or religion, it did not care
It pulled all into sea, like the claw of a bear

Tears strolled down the cheeks of countless faces
Lives were lost in so many places
Parents grieved for their children, dead
Across the country, agony had spread

Many were deprived of all the had owned
Lost the people they would have known
Robbed of their smiles and thieved of their laughter
And replaced with tears and sorrow thereafter

Thousands of lives were lost at sea
Millions of injured souls would plea
They called for help, and the world responded
And soon with the people in need, the had bonded

The tsunami hit us hard and expected us to fall
But we rose above this tragedy and together stood tall
We prevailed superior, more dignified than before
And didn't allow our country's people to be harmed, anymore.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, which took place in the year 2004, on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas day. The poem mirrors my own perception of what I observed as well as how I felt when I did.

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