Petals and Dust

August 20, 2011
By breezeblockheartbeats BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
breezeblockheartbeats BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"People who have lost reverence have lost a great deal."- Ezra Pound

Somewhere, there are gold
Plated castles but
The stone will topple
Somewhere there is a
Girl made of dust and
Ash and memories
She cannot yet see
The cherry blossom
Petals being stomped
Straight through Earth to Hell
The memory that
Creates her heart is
Linked closely to those
Cherry blossoms that
She used to marvel
At and so she is
Dragged down from heaven
When it is time and
She sinks straight down through
Earth because of course
Dirt and sand can’t stop
You when licks of flame
Are wrapped around your
Waist and she reaches
Right before she falls
To the sky in joy
And in fury and
Her particles, they
intertwine, make her
And all she wants is
To be real so she
Reaches to the sky
In joy, in fury
And immediately
The dust topples in
Upon itself and
Doesn’t she know that
There’s more beautiful
Angels known as wind
Brushing against the
Wispy clouds, their limbs
Pound softly against
Crystals way up at
You would have to be
Immortal to reach
Because there exist
Angels that dangle
From the chains of stars
That hang from the sky
Like light bulbs, they are
Like lighters that sway
Methodical in
The air and they will
Make those city lights
Look like torches from
And she probes the sky
With eyes searching in
The dark for the wings
Of such angels, I
promise if you place
Yourself in the fog
Hovering over
These winding roads and
Lay your fragile dust
Down between these strokes
Of broken yellow
Lines or on the dock
Of this glistening
Ocean that reflects
Like a sea of blades
You will come to face
The angels and hang
From the light bulbs and
Think that this is such
A beautiful night
To die.

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