If I ruled the world

August 22, 2011
By ForeverandAlways123 GOLD, Davenport, Florida
ForeverandAlways123 GOLD, Davenport, Florida
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If I ruled the world
If i ruled the world there would be no such thing as war,
Instead there would be peace among all,
Children would never starve,
Instead they would so full they could never eat again,
Woman and children would not be beaten by drunk men,
Instead those women and children would be loved
Cancer would no longer exist,
Nor any disease,
Instead there would be heath,
There wouldn't be a global warming,
Instead there would be beauty
There would be no such thing as hate,
Instead there would be love
Teens wouldn't have there dreams crushed because society dictates who they become,
Instead they would accomplish everything they ever dreamed of,
The government would no longer be filled with people who had things handed to them,
Instead they would working class men and woman,
There would be no frowns or tears falling from faces,
Instead there would be smiles from ear to ear,
Music would heal the broken heart,
No one would be judged for,
NOTHING that made them- them,
Society would never dictate who you would become,
That's what I would do if I ruled the world.

The author's comments:
I would really do this

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