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August 22, 2011
By Iamonlyhuman SILVER, Spring Valley, Illinois
Iamonlyhuman SILVER, Spring Valley, Illinois
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Don't you remember
The way you used to be?

When you curled up on your mommy's chest
and told her you loved her

Your mommy would laugh

If only she knew
The human you grew up to be

The horror show you became
The easy one

Letting them use you like a toy
But you wanted them to love you

What would your mommy say now?

You think drugs are the solution
They make you feel happy

Like your floating in the sky
But it only last so long until
Gravity pulls you down

I can hear her, your mommy
Can you?

She's crying because of the one she only knew
For such a short time

Until you hurt
To heal

Until you became easy
Only to be liked

Until you drank yourself useless

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I see people like this at my school

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