August 22, 2011
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Sometimes I think life would be easier
If I was a mermaid

Life would be so simple then,
Dancing on seashells and
Swimming in the sea
Clothed in seaweed and scales
I would finally be free

I could swim all day and get away
From everything that bothers me

Playing with turtles
And swimming with dolphins
I’d spend my time racing with
Manta rays to see who’d

Up on land it’s much too dry
And all the stress has got me fried

I’d make friends with the starfish
And weave through coral reefs
If I could be a mermaid
My life would be so

I just wish I could escape
just once, for Pete’s sake

Squid and shrimp and octopus
Angel fish and blue crabs too
All day long I’d have nothing to do
Except explore the deep blue
Sea if a mermaid I could be

Find seashells buried in the sand
Underwater, not on land

I think that is the life for me
Swimming wild, swimming free
I can already see
Just how happy I would be
As a mermaid under the sea

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