What is Family

August 22, 2011
By Anonymous

What is a family
But a randomly grouped clan of people
With only a similar genetic code linking them.
I wonder, what truly is it
That ties us together?
What is this bond between family members?
Because truly the only
Physical thing between us is
Some washed out blood line,
Tracing lineages and paths of lives
Across family trees
Connecting strangers to family
By the love lust of some
Ancient, passed away ancestor
Who we never knew
And barely know the name of now.
Everyone is a stranger to me
Yet I am told they are my family,
Am I supposed to love them
Because through some twist in life
They share similar blood
No matter how washed away and worn it is?
No, I’m not sure what ties us together.
We truly are just a group of strangers
Bound together through such
Silly little things as
Bloodlines, genetics and ancestry.

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