August 21, 2011
By Mephetical BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Mephetical BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Saints always have a past, and sinners always have a future.

He's been thrown into the wall
He never rose enough to fall
And with a wish that someone would hear his calls
He tries to feign a smile but his eyes tell it all.
They pulsate with sadness and glimmer with hope
His smile hides everything that he's trying to cope
With all alone without any sort of help
And he can't remember the last time he's even felt like himself
It's like his body is over here and his soul is over there
And his mind is all alone as his heart flies through the air
He knows it's all a facade, and that someday they'll find out
And that it'll be a day of relentless torments and shouts
But by then he hopes that this'll all be done and over
That all of his senses will return and his heart be sobered
How all hours of the day something just feels amiss
And how does he know that if he jumped into the abyss
That it would even be noticed, or he would ever be missed?
It was a bittersweet thought, not knowing if people would care
That they maybe never noticed that he was right there
The one, that guy in class, that always was quiet
The one that had emotions but just seemed to hide it
And the most shocking part about his lies was that everyone buys it
They've thought of maybe saying something, but nobody'll try it.
His smile was almost iridescent
As it turned into a small half crescent
Knowing that nobody will know his charade
And that they can never join in on the parade
He looks like somebody who might just have it made
To the outsiders that never saw through the charade that he played
They never saw how twisted up inside he was, like a braid
And how when he woke up, his emotions came on like a raid.
They came rushing up to greet him like an oncoming storm
How they came back to his heart in massive swarms
While he came to his senses and realized that he had to conform
And get ready for the act that he had to perform
All of this, every bit, unrelentingly ran through his mind
But nobody noticed, even though it showed through his eyes.

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