August 19, 2011
By CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
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Divine Desire

You move with the soft grace

That can only be mistaken

For the fluid motions

Of a goddess.

But as gods have touched

Mortals, and been depicted in

the arts, so too must you.

So touch me, and let me

Paint a masterpiece.

A humble servant would sacrifice

But half of that which I would for you.

And yet I still stand below,

A spectator from afar admiring

The divinity of the plot, your life

To which others are blind and

deaf and mute.

I too can hear no evil

speak no evil

see no evil

But I can speak of euphoric desire

And I can hear cries of joy

And I can see, you,

What drives me and these emotions of

Mine to the extremes of their bounds.

In your existence, I Exist.

In your love, Love I feel.

In your passion, Passion I return.

We will be one. You, a goddess.

And me, a mortal man

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