Letter To You

August 19, 2011
By CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
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I look to the heavens, expecting

To see stars and the night’s sky;

But I see only you, ever-present

In the cool evening firmament.

The ocean soothes my weary ears

With its low and gentle voice.

The waves are challenged, though,

It is you I would rather listen to.

Your smell is the sweetest perfume;

Its fragrance is a hand that caresses;

Calms, drawing me closer and

Receiving me by your side. Your

Earthen-colored auburn hair inviting

Me to remain, and adore. Your

Eyes; pools of passion where

sadness ceases to exist and where

Love, passionate love, begins.

It is with you I could spend my hours.

Talking, listening, watching with no single

moment lacking captivation or tenderness,

and no single moment having been wasted.

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