Who I am

August 11, 2011
I'm the girl in your class
Who's always so quiet
I'm the girl with the tears
Who always tries to fight it
I'm the girl with the scars
Who doesn't talk about her past
I'm the girl in the hall
Who's life is going by too fast
I'm the girl who will smile
When she wants to cry
I'm the girl who looks hopeful
When she's secretly asking why
I'm the girl hiding her truth
From everybody she loves
I'm the girl who deserves more
But takes less than enough
I'm a daughter, a sister
And a friend too
I'm a disappointment to everyone
Including you
I'm the girl who bites her lip
When she feels any emotion
I'm the girl who can swim
But would choose to drown in the ocean
I'm the girl sitting next to you
Asking you to care
I'm your best friend
Hoping you'll be there.

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