someone special

August 18, 2011
By mina123 BRONZE, Hasa, Minnesota
mina123 BRONZE, Hasa, Minnesota
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Why I never experienced love?
A good question that haunted my mind for years
A good question that I never found an answer for

All I ask for in this life is a moment of pure love
When I can know how it feels like to have someone special

Every day was a new hope of love
But at the end of each day
All hopes will turn out to be just deceiving mirage

All I found was grief and despair
All I have is faith and hope
A hope that tomorrow will bring me closer to my goal
A moment with someone special

The author's comments:
lots of people have hard time finding the girl/or the boy of their dreams and this is a poem about the experience of not being able to find her or him

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