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Falling Through the Sky

August 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Promising your love
In our dark erotic chambers
Black mist choking
Sucking out my final breaths
Your poison claws
Peeling away my skin
Crimson flowing from my heart
I was slowly slipping away
Clinging to razor blades
Writhing in sweet agony
Pleading for release
For the final end of me
I look upon my grave
Running my hand through the soil
Bound by chains of solitude
Forever to wander
Hopeless, heartless barren lands
Always on the verge
Of falling through the sky
Lurching and twisting
Through clouds of ash
Suffocating from my own guilt
Betrayal deep within
Rising from my knees
My twisted smile
Meets your sickened eyes
A burning heart of hatred
Pure and unrestrained
With a single force I break the glass
That was your only hope
I watch with pleasure as
You scream and twist and drown
The blood you took from me
Slowly fills your lungs
Seeping from your tongue
Emotionless I turn from you
To live a darker life.

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