A guide of things that you can do when you visit the land of Ooo

August 10, 2011
You must pick a kingdom first!
The land of Ooo is so diverse
For instance you may want to be
in a town of royalty
So pick a princess anyone!
From LSP to bubblegum!

How about a town of sweets?
Where everyone is such a treat
but don't try and eat them not even one
or you'll be in trouble by Bubblegum!
She's the ruler and the queen her only enimies Marceline
She great at whistling loves to hum
her hair is made from Bubblegum!

Or lumpy space may be your choice
where everyone has a very deep voice!
Here there are festivities that go on from week to week
Don't forget to bring a date!
Weekly PromComings here
There's no more wait!

Or how about the Nightosphere?
Where the livings filled with fear
Marcy cries
here Daddy ate her fries

or pleasant valley? How 'bout there?
Where adventures everywhere!
Looking for a place to stay?
Finn and Jake will lead the way!

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