August 3, 2011
By Anonymous

3: The number of times I believed you really cared.
2: The amount of times I’ve tried to believe you loved me.
1: The number of times it took me to see that we weren’t meant to be.
I used to believe them.
Fairy tales I mean.
A Prince and a Princess.
Love at first sight.
Magic and Cinderella.
But in experience, I’ve seen,
That there’s absolutely no such thing.
I believed it when you said
“I love you”.
When you said I was yours forever.
I believed it a few times,
That we weren’t meant to be apart.
But after the third time
I didn’t know what to think.
To believe in you
Or forget you.
You forced me to believe in you.
To believe we would work out.
I did for a while.
Until he came along.
Do you think you can love two people at once?
Sometimes I wonder.
I want to keep you.
But at the same time,
I think he deserves a chance.
I’ve given you too many.
One after another.
And still nothing has worked.
I don’t want to lose you.
You’re mine forever.
Even when we’re not together.
You said so yourself.
That you would always love me.
And If thats true,
I have strength to let you go for now.
To let him have a chance
If I don’t,
I will feel caged in.
Like we don’t belong.
If I give him a chance and it doesn’t work out,
Then at least I’ll know.
I’ll know that him and I weren’t meant to be.
But that we were.
I know this will hurt.
I admit even i will cry at times.
But I have to know
If there’s anyone else worth while.
I guess it’s time for goodbye.
But only for now.
I won’t forget you.
I know this will hurt.
So before I begin to cry,

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