48 Lines of Nonsense

August 14, 2011
By oxygenwriter51 PLATINUM, Steinbach, Other
oxygenwriter51 PLATINUM, Steinbach, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Not all who wander are lost." - JRR Tolkien

the birds are chirping
singing away their song of life
only ceasing for a passing stranger
we hear their melodious sonnets
first thing in our day
when the sun dares to shine again

our spirits are high
hearts joined together by love
and simple appreciation
wandering far from our realist thoughts
we ponder and dream of our future
of the dangerous days to come

we indulge ourselves in cheap movies
sweets, and some author's famous words
time never seems to reflect on itself
yet then, in the blink of an eye
the day is completely done
so we're off to our sleepless nights, and tortures

our minds are stimulated
in ways we could never comprehend
with such thoughtless emotion
we glaze ourselves through the realms of time
pure concentration, and a hint of greed
we achieve everything the soul needs

lost, we are, in a reckless dream world
waiting on some supernatural to come
to tap us on the shoulder
distracted from all realism
we fill our heads with satisfaction
until the next want we don't have

we blow everything out of proportion
to create what our attention-seeking person needs
hidden inside the theatrical plays of our lives
is a longing, a desire to be loved
an ambition to exceed all expectations
with a lot more than just flying tapestries of colour

now this is the one that i'm writing for...
we hide behind our wonderful, emotionless masks
when the mask is pulled, green tears start to pour
we pile up all the uncertainties in life
our minds have wandered
drifting on a cloud somewhere in the sky
we cover our bodies with insignificant, senseless fashion styles
for the life of us, we can't figure out why we're here
most of us have terminal problems we can't ignore
somewhere deep inside we've found our unknown calling
so, this is my ode to being joyful

The author's comments:
This poem came to me in my eleventh grade English class while I observed my peers around me. This poem does not only describe what I think goes on inside a lot of teenagers and students today, but it also describes what was going on inside of me when I wrote it. Just a heads up, there is a lot of sarcastic tone in this.

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