Broken Heart

August 13, 2011
By Anonymous

To the one that beats within in me,

No ones ever gonna love you like I do, Although others have tried .

Some even tried to invade the icy barrier that keeps you far and distant. But only one conquered the icy cold sometimes slippery terrain of yours.

Only one.

The one who made it possible for me to have dreams again.

The one who made it look so easy to breathe and live free again.

The one that made having a soul with feelings feel good again.

The ONLY one who could seemingly melt away the harsh coldness that surrounds my heart.

But before I knew it, it seemed like everything was over before it could start. Or even fly.

So what must I do now?

Where is there to go ?

My heart can't possibly think that it can go back to the way it was before. After tasting Love's bittersweet memories , how can it be that he just doesn't love me anymore.

Maybe I might try to finally get over the pain, But there will always be this spot in my heart that aches because of him. This ache could have had a different story. A happy one to which we all want when we where in love. But sometimes instead, all we get are tears from a broken heart

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