The Raven and the Dove

August 17, 2011
An unlikely pair we'd be
You and me
A hopeless love from the start
A sweet soul that unknowingly caught my heart

Clueless and blissfully unaware
A stab of jealousy here and there
My love, a lark longing to be free
Like a pair of doves resting in a tree

A slight gesture and I'm there
For you, I'd follow anywhere
I'd have no conditions
Only a single proposition

For if there ever was a love
As hopeless a love as my love, the doves
Should weep tears of empathy
For my love is forbidden- forbidden by me

Quick witted and always in the know
Odd quirks that only you show
Soft eyes
That never fail to melt my heart of ice

Words unsaid, stanzas unwritten
A love unbidden
But not unwanted. It's a fire that consumes me
My heart, an inmate that longs to be set free

So use me!
Bruise me!
Overwhelm me with your touch
You'd never become too much...

Night and day
That's what they'd say
My love for you would perservere
And I'll always be here

A constant throbbing
And now I'm sobbing
For, never will I know your love
Yet, I'll still fly,
Still try
A raven in a flock of doves

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