Walkin in Sunshine (but not the song)

August 17, 2011
rainy day rainy day
why wont you go away?
rainy day rainy day
are you truly here to stay?
will you truly drown me
truly stay this gray?
will you keep us shrouded
keep our vision clouded
keep us sleeping the day away?

cuz it seems like, when i see a break
that one opening in the shroud
i run after it, hoping, praying, for goodness sake
PLEASE dont be illusion!
PLEASE dont be fake!
but again, and again, the rays replaced by cloud
disappear, and again the silence is loud

why oh why, oh rainy day.
when i find my one cover?
why oh why, oh rainy day
do you take away my lover?
why is it, i look out the door
see maybe, maybe just a release
do you jump upon me
with a dampness never to cease?

not even a storm are you, oh rainy day
for you dont hit hard, but last so long
you arent abismally black, but just a ceaseless gray
just enough to keep from night, but enough to block the day

but wait, for i see on the horizon
a possibility? scaint chance?
i look for an end to the neverending dance
and there i see, walking ever so slowly
daylight incarnate.
beauty in human form
an end to all this hate
an end to the forlorn
she walks towards me slowly
as i take her in
she is no Goddess
not a star
not famous
but to me, she is better
by far
shes shameless

so we walk, and above us, clouds part
below us, sprouts start
around us, the world is shining in a new light
now bright
now sight
reveals what wonders i have missed
then we kissed
and the world shone
the entire earth bathed in beauty

its not all gray
for today, i have found the sun

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