Encased( to roseville students)

August 16, 2011
By Huge_Gamer BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
Huge_Gamer BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
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Who am I? Completely encased in this lie. Forgotten who I am. Erased what I once was. The marks are still show reminding me of my past mistakes something's never go away. Hiding behind a persona, all I want to do is show you who I really am. I never could you wouldn't understand. Sometimes I let it show just, so much but never enough. I told you once, but never again. Nobody here listens to me; it's better this way. I don't like anyone here anyway. Still I act like somthing I'm not, so people will leave me alone. Everyday way back in Jr. High I was picked on and cussed at. Eventually I hoped everyone would just leave me alone. So this face I put on and everyone is gone, this is what I wanted for so long. Just leave me alone! No I don't want to be friends.
You all barbie and kens plastic wrapped. I am the chicken among hens. Speak again trapped the drama of the he said she said who did what to who? I really don't care, Ask me why I stand the way I do. The way I dress I don't appeal to you. so yes I am calling you out to try and defend. Once I speak out, You can't win. Honestly just shut and leave me alone!

The author's comments:
This is about my experiences in high-school.

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