Just This Once

August 7, 2011
By MsTerry PLATINUM, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
MsTerry PLATINUM, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
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Take my hand, friend
just for a sec-
let's leave this land of
and college admission essays and guidance counselors
and homework and pop quizzes and exams and whatever else-


Let's be two again.

Let's make Pringle-chip-duck faces
and grin with orange peel smiles-
I'll paint my nails yellow and we'll read Dr. Seuss with British accents
in the dimming light of the old
falling-down fort of pillows and blankets (that's almost too small for us)

Let's pretend

Let's pretend

Let's pretend

That we've never seen the glowing screen of
televisions, computers, IPods,
that we haven't spent weeks wearing down our thumbs on text messages.

Let's forget fights over boys that weren't even all that hot.

Let's sit in my yard and eat raw cookie dough behind my momma's back
And make too-sweet fresh lemonade, and blow dandelions
(into other neighbor's yards, of course)
Spray garden hoses at each other
and laugh and scream and giggle and make mud-pies.
Let's make twenty different secret handshakes,
Eat wild raspberries and hide sticky fingers
And pinky promise- again and again- BFFs forever.

Let's lose ourselves in the bliss of childhood
just one more time- please.

Just in case Peter Pan decides to visit.

The author's comments:
Peter Pan is due to come any day now. (: Keep your childhood spirit in your hearts!

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