Lucy Among the Vines

June 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Lucy never won much
never put her heart into something
bigger than herself
her thoughts were quiet
her dreams were small
she hung her pictures on the wall
of flowers and skies
you'll never see another
she was one with the world

Lucy spent her days alone
swimming in fantasy
she could tell you stories
you've never dreamed of
but she won't open her mouth
cradled in the leaves
asleep amongst the wild
she never killed a spider
never crossed her mind

Lucy walked barefoot
through the sticks and stones
thorns stuck to her legs
where streaks of dirt smudged in
she goes towards the tree
her tree
standing tall towards the sun
wrapping her arms around its trunk
she breathes in its love
this is where she belongs

Lucy never came home one day
search party looked for weeks
dogs sniffed the ground
circling a tree, just an average tree
but this tree was misshapen
a lump was formed on the trunk
covered in vines
no one noticed the small hand
grasping through the green
but not to escape
to hold tighter to the tree

Lucy was never found
her mother cried for months
her father built a garden
as wild as his daughter
no one visited the tree anymore
because no one had to
the only visitor it ever had
was there for always
never leaving
Lucy was the daughter of nature
and nature had called for her return

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