A World Apart

June 8, 2011
By JordanHoge GOLD, Sylvania, Alabama
JordanHoge GOLD, Sylvania, Alabama
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Sun beamed sunlight on Moon’s forehead,
Kissed her with his rays, as she tucked him into bed.
And he’d rise up every morning, just to see she was gone,
out shining darkness, to light the city streets alone.
He knew at every day’s end she was dreaded,
Until the night time crowd came out, cocked with their lead.
And he kept going and spinning, just trying to please the Moon.
But even when he tried his hardest, she stayed the same pace ahead.
He blazed all day on how far she kept away,
Until on those summer nights, when she’d lean closer his way.
And they’d shoot the stars together, until time for day break.
She’d kiss him goodnight, and leave him to himself again,
And eventually he realized he was sitting still,
while Moon was revolving around him.

The author's comments:
I'm inspired by many things. Writing is just my way of giving inspiration back. It's the one thing I can do with no regard to the mood I'm in, and what is going on in my world. This particular poem was inspired by God's most beautiful of creations. Obviously, the sun and moon, but more in depth than that, love, and a certain girl. Sun thinks his love is unrequited, but realizes it's actually to the contrary. Each time he gets down, she's always there shining upon him. And by morning, she has him back up again. Hope you enjoy.

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